Fixed Characters
 Suspending pleasantries since 2010.
 by Alden

 2013-10-22 nobody believes me
 2013-10-21 better to have loved
 2013-10-20 i attribute
 2013-10-19 as long as
 2013-10-18 gently apply pressure
 2013-10-17 jetsam bothers me
 2013-10-16 well
 2013-10-15 it turns out
 2013-09-03 fuck you cancer
 2013-08-07 joke knock
 2013-03-13 don't mind me
 2012-12-21 if the world
 2012-12-04 never
 2012-12-03 where's your clone
 2012-11-30 clones
 2012-11-29 cloned himself
 2012-11-28 gobs and gobs
 2012-11-27 if everything is
 2012-11-26 so full
 2012-11-21 wouldn't wish that
 2012-11-20 reality is
 2012-11-19 it takes one
 2012-11-16 if i reach
 2012-11-15 that's not coffee
 2012-11-14 wonder if jesus
 2012-11-02 raining but
 2012-11-01 wanna buy a number
 2012-10-31 lost my sandwich
 2012-10-30 fixed characters outtakes
 2012-10-29 fly me to
 2012-10-26 they say you
 2012-10-25 jokes about racism
 2012-10-24 popcorn
 2012-10-23 for when things made
 2012-10-22 the easy way
 2012-10-19 sleep is
 2012-10-18 wake up at-cat
 2012-10-17 writing is plagiarism
 2012-10-16 studiously avoiding
 2012-10-15 jd salinger is dead
 2012-10-12 it and decided
 2012-10-11 going to finish that
 2012-10-10 sure i will
 2012-10-09 you voting
 2012-10-08 amassed
 2012-10-05 dude and dude
 2012-10-04 any more effort
 2012-10-03 man, i was thinking
 2012-10-02 meditating
 2012-10-01 the fall of civilization
 2012-09-28 never understand
 2012-09-27 i've got
 2012-09-26 today's strip is
 2012-09-25 arrogant
 2012-09-24 everything you do today
 2012-09-21 stab someone in
 2012-09-20 i will be there for you
 2012-09-19 i just thought
 2012-09-18 walks on six
 2012-09-17 don't worry
 2012-09-14 my printer wants to be in the grateful dead
 2012-09-13 i can't believe it's not marmalade
 2012-09-12 i keep expecting
 2012-09-11 is it tacky
 2012-09-10 i got this new punching machine
 2012-09-07 oh yuck that's
 2012-09-06 wait but i want it
 2012-09-05 let me tell you
 2012-09-04 everything's
 2012-08-31 tell
 2012-08-30 it's proven
 2012-08-29 who needs water
 2012-08-28 oh my god i'll be a millionaire
 2012-08-27 burn
 2012-08-24 imagine if
 2012-08-23 yeah, but
 2012-08-22 truth i'm not overly
 2012-08-21 there's a voice in my
 2012-08-20 i feel great
 2012-08-17 sometimes i feel lonely
 2012-08-16 nothing i can't do
 2012-08-15 snot
 2012-08-14 break bread
 2012-08-13 awkward
 2012-08-10 was unexpected
 2012-08-09 maybe if i close
 2012-08-08 oh no well
 2012-08-07 think i've seen this
 2012-08-06 wasn't going to care
 2012-08-03 jagged
 2012-08-02 a plethora
 2012-08-01 oh wait, i get it now
 2012-07-31 you
 2012-07-30 stop haunting my dreams twinkies
 2012-07-27 oh, excrement
 2012-07-26 once, in a different time
 2012-07-25 at-cat, come over here
 2012-07-24 so, i got in the car
 2012-07-23 i don't mean to be rude
 2012-07-20 it's great that you tried
 2012-07-19 let's start caring
 2012-07-18 exactly how
 2012-07-17 who you gonna call
 2012-07-16 i don't think don't think i know anyone anyone here
 2012-07-13 i can't believe
 2012-07-12 hate me
 2012-07-11 ponder
 2012-07-10 fits most
 2012-07-09 i've stopped believing
 2012-07-06 a big deal out of language
 2012-07-05 this really annoying commercial
 2012-07-04 falling asleep
 2012-07-03 a joke, or it was supposed to be
 2012-07-02 down to the beach
 2012-06-29 got a goat
 2012-06-28 it sure felt
 2012-06-27 steady fitting petulant peculiar falling
 2012-06-26 i'll take the blame
 2012-06-25 i was choosing
 2012-06-22 ask me no
 2012-06-21 i never feel as good as
 2012-06-20 i want to have war stories
 2012-06-19 all the contacts in my cell phone
 2012-06-18 didn't have the heart
 2012-06-15 me what you
 2012-06-14 i can't think of what i'm thinking of
 2012-06-13 maybe the music industry
 2012-06-12 meditate
 2012-06-11 picks my lock
 2012-06-08 i regret this not
 2012-06-07 i'm psychic
 2012-06-06 ordered a hot dog
 2012-06-05 learn to live with disappointment
 2012-06-04 eggs on... everything
 2012-06-01 a song that will perfectly
 2012-05-31 take off all your
 2012-05-30 black cats are good luck
 2012-05-29 this relaxation cd
 2012-05-25 a new dance
 2012-05-24 it's really weird but
 2012-05-23 by what i own
 2012-05-22 boring i'm
 2012-05-21 feeling in the pit
 2012-05-18 kit to sell my soul
 2012-05-17 one for every day of the month still seems like not enough
 2012-05-16 here's an idea
 2012-05-15 they call me at-cat, king of the jungle
 2012-05-14 at-cat sings the blues
 2012-05-11 turn out
 2012-05-10 trouble differentiating
 2012-05-09 got a thorn stuck
 2012-05-08 so i went to mars
 2012-05-07 actually a sterile medical
 2012-05-04 this is unbearable
 2012-05-03 went to a mirror store
 2012-05-02 to make fun of someone
 2012-05-01 again if you force youself
 2012-04-30 the temptation is always there
 2012-04-27 half expecting to wake up
 2012-04-26 who replaced my whipped cream
 2012-04-25 get into my pickup truck
 2012-04-23 document my excrement
 2012-04-20 what was once extraordinary is now mundane
 2012-04-19 not just making conversation
 2012-04-18 well i don't know about cats but
 2012-04-17 cliffhanger
 2012-04-16 got this new "app"
 2012-04-14 a man walks into a bar
 2012-04-13 my shit-kicking boots
 2012-04-12 with enough conviction
 2012-04-11 sometimes i use words that i don't know what they mean
 2012-04-10 back? where'd i go
 2012-03-23 langston hughes wrote
 2012-03-22 hey where did the last word of my sentence
 2012-03-21 at-cat what are your opinions
 2012-03-20 thurston fucking moore
 2012-03-19 at-bat where you been at?
 2012-03-18 is this what you imagined it would be like
 2012-03-17 ain't been in my cat-boots
 2012-03-16 your ego
 2012-03-15 capitalism is based on merit
 2012-03-14 pray
 2012-03-13 so yeah captain planet?
 2012-03-12 collaborative, spontaneous, non-consensual poem
 2012-03-11 i've said it once and i'm sure others have too
 2012-03-10 lame to try
 2012-03-09 my toaster has firmware?
 2012-03-08 glycerine
 2012-03-07 enjoy the things you hate
 2012-03-06 please don't tell me i'm defined by what i see
 2012-03-05 upon reflection
 2012-03-04 yeah, i stabbed 'im
 2012-03-03 not at the circus
 2012-03-02 at first i was skeptical
 2012-03-01 the business of telling other people they're wrong
 2012-02-29 america fuck your hobbies
 2012-02-28 outrageously exaggerated
 2012-02-27 well, you know what they say
 2012-02-25 oh look a talking fish
 2012-02-24 meh games suck
 2012-02-23 did i really land on boardwalk again
 2012-02-22 man fuck that game
 2012-02-21 i'm really bad
 2012-02-20 hey at-cat how come we never hang out
 2012-02-19 fortune favors the bold, but
 2012-02-18 yesterday and a bum
 2012-02-17 a mental story of human society
 2012-02-16 the sensation of pain is essentially constructed
 2012-02-15 so i'm pretty sure i deserve a lot
 2012-02-14 double superlative
 2012-02-13 get a really small camel
 2012-02-12 oh hey narrator
 2012-02-11 wouldn't it be cool
 2012-02-10 i'm just an ordinary cat
 2012-02-09 when was the last time you did something
 2012-02-08 my taste sometimes betrays
 2012-02-07 dear jesus
 2012-02-06 i heard the joke
 2012-02-05 don't over-indulge
 2012-02-04 you should be ok
 2012-02-03 hourly comics day 2012
 2012-02-02 i said i'd believe it when i saw it
 2012-02-01 exposition
 2012-01-31 for example, the bumblebee
 2012-01-29 anyway, it was really bad
 2012-01-28 i don't know if i can keep panic club going
 2012-01-27 i'll start my own panic club
 2012-01-26 hey guys can i join panic club
 2012-01-25 i call this meeting of panic club to order
 2012-01-24 after i missed panic club
 2012-01-23 oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
 2012-01-22 at-cat 2.0
 2012-01-21 they say be prepared
 2012-01-20 i'm gonna get real good at playing the piano
 2012-01-19 we all want friends
 2012-01-18 fill in the blanks
 2012-01-17 hey wanna reenact the civil war
 2012-01-16 it's been almost three years now
 2012-01-15 i can't believe this mess
 2012-01-14 have you heard of the human mic?
 2012-01-13 good gravy
 2012-01-12 are you really ok
 2012-01-11 take me to the vet
 2012-01-10 hold on a sec i have another call
 2012-01-09 what's your earliest memory?
 2012-01-06 guest comic by kumquat
 2011-10-07 feeling para-pathetic
 2011-10-06 there was this guy on the bus
 2011-10-05 pass the sauce?
 2011-10-04 a tautology is a tautology
 2011-10-03 i know the cliché is that cats like to eat mice
 2011-10-02 fractional reserve banking
 2011-10-01 woe is me
 2011-09-30 who needs pooville anyway
 2011-09-29 so, uh, at-cat, what have you learned?
 2011-09-28 man, your cat is weird
 2011-09-27 at last
 2011-09-26 yup, i'm striking out on my own
 2011-09-25 if nobody likes my parties
 2011-09-24 i can't believe nobody but the dog
 2011-09-23 poo party
 2011-09-22 i'm gonna do a bunch of drugs
 2011-09-21 i'm a fan of the death penalty
 2011-09-20 after i die i hope i'm a ghost
 2011-09-19 at-cat is doing a little dance for us:
 2011-09-18 i don't know, i used to be kind of a grammar fascist
 2011-09-17 so, i got struck by lightning
 2011-09-16 enhanced interrogation techniques
 2011-09-15 hey
 2011-09-14 i keep having the same dream
 2011-09-13 why me
 2011-09-12 hey hey, i'm the at-cat
 2011-09-11 at-bat, what is imagination
 2011-09-10 your eyes are moving
 2011-09-09 i made all 7,000,000 donuts for you
 2011-09-08 i have been meditating on the pepsi logo
 2011-09-07 i thought of a brilliant plan so i can take the dog to restaurants
 2011-09-06 the internet: means never having to say you're sorry
 2011-09-05 so, uh, i guess the characters are on strike
 2011-09-04 at-bat, does this hat make me look fat?
 2011-09-03 let's pretend
 2011-09-02 it's great how easy it is to watch movies these days
 2011-09-01 we can put a man on the moon, but we can't cure the common cold
 2011-08-31 wait for it
 2011-08-30 show me something beautiful
 2011-08-29 deep-fried split pea soup
 2011-08-28 maybe we can just pull it out
 2011-08-27 ok i admit it
 2011-08-26 what an age of miracles we live in
 2011-08-25 so yeah i went to the genius bar
 2011-08-24 you're adding salt to your hash?
 2011-08-23 they say the best revenge is living well
 2011-08-22 so, uh, i guess, uh, you heard
 2011-08-21 hey you wanna know a secret?
 2011-08-20 act 1, scene 1:
 2011-08-19 it's really dark
 2011-08-18 don't you think that
 2011-08-17 dear lord, please smite my enemies
 2011-08-16 so i was like, there's no way you're getting
 2011-08-15 did you see the paper today?
 2011-08-14 i guess there's a certain stigma attached to chewin' with your mouth open
 2011-08-13 this woman approaches me and asks me if i want to sign a petition
 2011-08-12 look, i can't be expected to keep up on current events ok
 2011-08-11 oh man, maybe this is obvious
 2011-08-10 shit man, this woolly thesaurus fucks shit
 2011-08-09 living in america is great
 2011-08-08 i just realized if birds are
 2011-08-07 so i pushed the "i'm getting lucky" button
 2011-08-06 dog, is it wrong to steal?
 2011-08-05 i totally dodged those jaywalking charges
 2011-08-04 well, apparently, the estates of dan rowan and dick martin are not particularly fond of slander
 2011-08-03 ok so after two jabs at laugh-in
 2011-08-02 it has come to my attention that yesterday's comic, "krakatoa"
 2011-08-01 krakatoa
 2011-07-31 in the summer of this year
 2011-07-30 maaaaan i miss bbs's
 2011-07-29 yeah there's smart people
 2011-07-28 i think it's high time i get me some bumper stickers
 2011-07-27 it's not just that you annoy me
 2011-07-26 ritual
 2011-07-25 wait, what changed?
 2011-07-24 if columbo were made today
 2011-07-23 look i know i'm just a cat but
 2011-07-22 don't you think it would
 2011-07-21 the unicorn is all like
 2011-07-20 hey buddy c'mere
 2011-07-19 it's not whether you win or lose
 2011-07-18 sometimes
 2011-07-17 mmm, wow, lasagna
 2011-07-16 hey, you're not at-cat
 2011-07-15 wow, storming that bastille
 2011-07-14 one more thing about popsicles
 2011-07-13 and another thing why are all popsicles sweet
 2011-07-12 popsicles they ain't always need a stick in 'em
 2011-07-11 i'm kinda upset that popsicle is spelt popsicle and not popcicle which
 2011-07-10 popsicles oh man pretty good
 2011-07-09 so i heard about this new, uh,
 2011-07-08 sometime in the future
 2011-07-07 let's do a thought experiment
 2011-07-06 guys
 2011-07-05 so i was in the supermarket
 2011-07-04 the fixed characters july 4th spectacular
 2011-07-03 hmm, yogurt yogurt yogurt
 2011-07-02 when you look at me like
 2011-07-01 so i've decided to start a revolution
 2011-06-30 bow ties
 2011-06-29 cultural icons
 2011-06-28 how's the webcomic thing going?
 2011-06-27 i've been saving up
 2011-06-26 let's... reenforce stereotypes
 2011-06-25 i wish we could re-cast life in terms of rpgs
 2011-06-24 let's answer some basic questions
 2011-06-23 hey check it out i made a comic:
 2011-06-22 usa is prime
 2011-06-21 oh man i went to the dmv today
 2011-06-20 guys! why are you fighting?
 2011-06-19 hmm
 2011-06-18 a beautiful spring day
 2011-06-17 press the insert key
 2011-06-16 hey hey look i'm talking
 2011-06-15 i miss 2001
 2011-06-14 there was this webcomic where the characters are lost in the woods
 2011-06-13 the fixed characters: battle evil
 2011-06-12 if i was talking to your now
 2011-06-11 there seems to be some concern that the inhabitants of the world
 2011-06-10 i was going to tell you about differences between original japanese animated tv series
 2011-06-09 man, i was reading red meat
 2011-06-08 at a surrealist rally
 2011-06-07 i don't know, maybe it lets the reader construct
 2011-06-06 tell me another story monsieur at-cat
 2011-06-05 hey at-cat, what do you think about smooching
 2011-06-04 at-cat will you please shut up already
 2011-06-03 at-cat remembers things that you don't
 2011-06-02 the amazing escapades of the dancing at-cat
 2011-06-01 the unadulterated adventures of at-cat
 2011-05-31 i got an at-cat
 2011-05-30 hey dude check out my invisibility shirt
 2011-05-29 three minutes
 2011-05-28 do you think we'll ever find out if there's a way to read minds?
 2011-05-27 i'm thinking of a number
 2011-05-26 a covenant between the storyteller and audience
 2011-05-25 do you think you could change your name to be just blank?
 2011-05-24 wanna come to the post office with me?
 2011-05-23 the world's shortest choose your own adventure
 2011-05-22 watch out for that tree!
 2011-05-21 ants in my ant farm
 2011-05-20 concept album
 2011-05-19 god, i'm so sick of all this complaining
 2011-05-18 wanna try some of my ambiguity pie?
 2011-05-17 how come people say how come
 2011-05-16 plato was fond of using dialog to express ideas
 2011-05-15 a better name for the new testament
 2011-05-14 hey, have you read "an essay on the necessity,
 2011-05-13 last time on fixed characters
 2011-05-12 now back to our regularly scheduled programming
 2011-05-11 eog 41: oh man i can't believe this
 2011-05-10 eog 40: but first, a bath!
 2011-05-09 eog 39: i'm gonna stop and get this magic plant
 2011-05-08 eog 38: you should give g-dog something, husband
 2011-05-07 eog 37: bathe and clothe gilgamesh ok?
 2011-05-06 eog 36: but, but, i really wanna be immortal
 2011-05-05 eog 35: about that immortality
 2011-05-04 eog 34: ...aaaand here we are
 2011-05-03 eog 33: there ya go, 300 trees
 2011-05-02 eog 32: can't i just swim across the river of death?
 2011-05-01 eog 31: sorry about slayin' your buds
 2011-04-30 eog 30: hey! you there! watch out! giants!
 2011-04-29 eog 29: so you know where utnapishtim is?
 2011-04-28 eog 28: oh, uh, nice to meet you siduri
 2011-04-27 eog 27: look at this garden full of jewel trees
 2011-04-26 eog 26: ah, the road of the sun
 2011-04-25 eog 25: yup, gonna find the secret of eternal life
 2011-04-24 eog 24: bluh, fuckin-a
 2011-04-23 eog 23: this totally sucks balls
 2011-04-22 eog 22: so that was pretty sweet, murdering that bull and all
 2011-04-21 eog 21: ok bull cut it out
 2011-04-20 eog 20: wtf we make it all the way back to uruk
 2011-04-19 eog 19: daaaad, gilgamesh won't hump me
 2011-04-18 eog 18: i am ishtar
 2011-04-17 eog 17: oh man i cut down this awesome tree
 2011-04-16 eog 16: dude, check out this sweet head
 2011-04-15 eog 15: man, now i feel kinda bad
 2011-04-14 eog 14: epic battle commence
 2011-04-13 eog 13: oh shit that's humbaba
 2011-04-12 eog 12: ominous bellowing
 2011-04-11 eog 11: this is going to rule dude
 2011-04-10 eog 10: hey, elders, any advice?
 2011-04-09 eog 9: um, kicking a demi-god's ass sounds hard
 2011-04-08 eog 8: you totally handed me my shit
 2011-04-07 eog 7: so this gilgamesh guy sounds like kind of a douche
 2011-04-06 eog 6: it's night and i'm watching you
 2011-04-05 eog 5: daaaang shamhat that was pretty rad
 2011-04-04 eog 4: oh, hey, shamhat, you're a skilled harlot right?
 2011-04-03 eog 3: dreaming about meeting a new friend lalala
 2011-04-02 eog 2: we're some nameless gods
 2011-04-01 eog 1: so yeah, i'm gilgamesh
 2011-03-31 get out of my spot
 2011-03-30 blow out your candles and make a wish
 2011-03-29 this rave is hella dope, yo
 2011-03-28 hey, where did the helipad go?
 2011-03-27 i should totally hate arial
 2011-03-26 let's do some stand up comedy
 2011-03-25 merry christmas
 2011-03-24 lake agassiz was the greatest lake
 2011-03-23 oh wow you found your rockem sockem robots
 2011-03-22 umami: i just don't get it
 2011-03-21 stop leering
 2011-03-20 i really need to get this thorn out of my shoe
 2011-03-19 the author is getting married today
 2011-03-18 i lost my formaldehyde
 2011-03-17 oh man you know what the best part of the uk is?
 2011-03-16 do you know what i find offensive?
 2011-03-15 this giant bump on my neck
 2011-03-14 but not e day
 2011-03-13 what the hell are we going to do with all these beehives
 2011-03-12 potted meat
 2011-03-11 let's start sentences with the word 'let's'
 2011-03-10 i was listening to some sweet ass chiptunes earlier
 2011-03-09 naked party
 2011-03-08 let's be pretentious
 2011-03-07 a pair of frequencies
 2011-03-06 blankets were a marvelous invention
 2011-03-05 wow, awesome
 2011-03-04 riding a bike is like writing a bike
 2011-03-03 is 'onomatopoeia' an onomatopoeia?
 2011-03-02 how many eggs
 2011-03-01 conversations about deep things
 2011-02-28 pass the pepper?
 2011-02-27 justify charging that much
 2011-02-26 people will write with numbers
 2011-02-25 wait, can you lift your
 2011-02-24 i'm going to go back in time and kick you in the balls
 2011-02-23 double standard
 2011-02-22 quantitative scale
 2011-02-21 improvisation is the technique
 2011-02-20 rocks are hard and water is soft
 2011-02-19 turn of phrase
 2011-02-18 rhododendrons
 2011-02-17 bored
 2011-02-16 forks on one side
 2011-02-15 slide it in gently
 2011-02-14 how did you like my movie review
 2011-02-13 horse shit or dog shit
 2011-02-12 let me help
 2011-02-11 double size surf board
 2011-02-10 update this software
 2011-02-09 mandalas are pretty
 2011-02-08 haha, what if i typed a bunch of letters
 2011-02-07 sometimes when i drink
 2011-02-06 i can't believe you have this car
 2011-02-05 sarcasm is a form of irony
 2011-02-04 brainwashing is a pretty interesting concept
 2011-02-03 over 1000 on my fingers
 2011-02-02 you really think you know who people are
 2011-02-01 fresh fish
 2011-01-31 believe things if they read it in a book
 2011-01-30 do you think we have a soul?
 2011-01-29 that's an enormous eggplant
 2011-01-28 oh my god we're crossing the international date line
 2011-01-27 make up your mind already
 2011-01-26 no, but seriously,
 2011-01-25 daft
 2011-01-24 you can only write about what you know
 2011-01-23 my favorite part about english
 2011-01-22 vague
 2011-01-21 just try to stop me
 2011-01-20 oops what?
 2011-01-19 why isn't "wikipedia"?
 2011-01-18 the one on the left is dreaming
 2011-01-17 what i'm really into these days
 2011-01-16 internet told me
 2011-01-15 goosebumps
 2011-01-14 um
 2011-01-13 not available
 2011-01-12 there's gonna be hell
 2011-01-11 x is a string of letters
 2011-01-10 calvin is explaining to hobbes
 2011-01-09 can't even breakdance
 2011-01-08 take my advice: it's not worth it
 2011-01-07 a saxophone is like
 2011-01-06 the bitch seat
 2011-01-05 just jump in?
 2011-01-04 can't wait for next tuesday
 2011-01-03 this song is 12 minutes long
 2011-01-02 put on some clothes
 2010-12-31 colon dash
 2010-12-30 comics these days
 2010-12-29 absolutely nothing bad will happen
 2010-12-28 limericks
 2010-12-27 well, hmm
 2010-12-26 consensual kidnapping
 2010-12-25 such a molecule
 2010-12-24 songs that just fade to silence
 2010-12-23 the anticipation of something
 2010-12-22 the death card
 2010-12-21 self-sacrificing quest
 2010-12-20 basically just kids who are older
 2010-12-19 parking ticket
 2010-12-18 fricked up this gosh darn sassafras
 2010-12-17 a the smiths party
 2010-12-16 stool is bloody
 2010-12-15 bar where everybody knew my name
 2010-12-14 stop poking me
 2010-12-13 notice anything different about me today?
 2010-12-12 show, don't tell
 2010-12-11 aren't these fireworks great
 2010-12-10 hey, it's me
 2010-12-09 check out that crazy plant
 2010-12-08 this guy who woke up one morning
 2010-12-07 yeah, i'll have a big crack with cheese
 2010-12-06 those pastries
 2010-12-05 chiasmus
 2010-12-04 man, bowling is hard
 2010-12-03 great minds
 2010-12-02 able to acquire
 2010-12-01 what's that clock
 2010-11-30 don't mean to brag
 2010-11-29 the technological constraints of an artistic medium
 2010-11-28 yeah, pirates
 2010-11-27 valid opinions
 2010-11-26 extra beans
 2010-11-25 the fixed characters in: another shitty holiday-themed comic strip
 2010-11-24 double  space  my  essay
 2010-11-23 that's it
 2010-11-22 see that guy
 2010-11-21 vacation to africa
 2010-11-20 fiction
 2010-11-19 what happened yesterday
 2010-11-18 a fine pickle
 2010-11-17 backronyms are sweet
 2010-11-16 origin myth
 2010-11-15 always said this would happen
 2010-11-14 hedge maze
 2010-11-13 the most original thing
 2010-11-12 having an existential crisis
 2010-11-11 why do i say what i say
 2010-11-10 new ice cream store
 2010-11-09 great
 2010-11-08 aw crap, what's the point
 2010-11-07 do you ever try to hear english language
 2010-11-06 free lunch
 2010-11-05 free association
 2010-11-04 remember smell
 2010-11-03 video game be art
 2010-11-02 god
 2010-11-01 balance
 2010-10-31 exercise my willpower
 2010-10-30 russian constructivist art
 2010-10-29 ambulance person
 2010-10-28 trillion trillion
 2010-10-27 nice shirt
 2010-10-26 movie critics
 2010-10-25 airline peanuts
 2010-10-24 can't blink
 2010-10-23 greatest aspiration in life
 2010-10-22 most of the world's problems
 2010-10-21 plato: awesome?
 2010-10-20 double negatives
 2010-10-19 disco vs punk
 2010-10-18 what you never hear jokes about
 2010-10-17 most movies
 2010-10-16 dirigible
 2010-10-15 assembly lines
 2010-10-14 popcicle sticks
 2010-10-13 this sentence is
 2010-10-12 the triple take
 2010-10-11 dog any tricks
 2010-10-10 let's talk about democracy
 2010-10-09 are you sure
 2010-10-08 secret to comedy
 2010-10-07 shark hunting video game
 2010-10-06 sure you did
 2010-10-05 favorite peninsula
 2010-10-04 and now the weather
 2010-10-03 super-predators
 2010-10-02 huh-choo
 2010-10-01 read between the lines
 2010-09-30 red herrings
 2010-09-29 the most hilarious joke
 2010-09-28 being wrong
 2010-09-27 that spot on your pants
 2010-09-26 choose a web browser
 2010-09-25 actually you
 2010-09-24 swearing
 2010-09-23 ____ you
 2010-09-22 amazing cinnamon buns
 2010-09-21 well, would you look at that
 2010-09-20 having
 2010-09-19 standing really close
 2010-09-18 start a blog
 2010-09-17 seen that many flying lions
 2010-09-16 you're in a grocery store
 2010-09-15 whoah! what? look! what what?
 2010-09-14 drink rubbing alcohol
 2010-09-13 hey, let's talk about albert camus
 2010-09-12 caring: important
 2010-09-11 lame-o jimmy
 2010-09-10 bunch of crap
 2010-09-09 oh jesus
 2010-09-08 let's... make some goals
 2010-09-07 it's not possible
 2010-09-06 muffin ruiner
 2010-09-05 let's rob a bank
 2010-09-04 agree
 2010-09-03 shortest chess game
 2010-09-02 that old puzzle
 2010-09-01 flowers having sex
 2010-08-31 pants can be
 2010-08-30 pleased with the current state
 2010-08-29 monks who take a string
 2010-08-28 the hell is a jib
 2010-08-27 guy on the internet
 2010-08-26 nails on a chalkboard
 2010-08-25 see if you make your saving throw
 2010-08-24 hard being nomadic
 2010-08-23 this is the best food
 2010-08-22 gin and tonic
 2010-08-21 fate
 2010-08-20 best collages
 2010-08-19 fired from my job
 2010-08-18 snakes in church
 2010-08-17 hell are you wearing
 2010-08-16 play marbles
 2010-08-15 what i'm about to say
 2010-08-14 it's over
 2010-08-13 i am very fair
 2010-08-12 imho
 2010-08-11 not greater than or equal to three
 2010-08-10 symmetry
 2010-08-09 the best name
 2010-08-08 stop sticking your tongue
 2010-08-07 this isn't going to work
 2010-08-06 question on this quiz
 2010-08-05 vomit on the ground
 2010-08-04 modern mobility
 2010-08-03 stop telling that joke
 2010-08-02 so fucking mad
 2010-08-01 the moon is awesome
 2010-07-31 hey so i was thinking about it
 2010-07-30 hamster ran away
 2010-07-29 road trip to paris
 2010-07-28 hecka
 2010-07-27 fill an interesting void
 2010-07-26 fucking grafoobly
 2010-07-25 forgetting the name of someone you just met
 2010-07-24 subtle grammatical errors
 2010-07-23 here's a great idea
 2010-07-22 freedom fries
 2010-07-21 grain of rice
 2010-07-20 i was thinking
 2010-07-19 seen my orange shirt
 2010-07-18 culture obsessed with failure
 2010-07-17 time i was a life guard
 2010-07-16 we're always changing
 2010-07-15 that's my napkin
 2010-07-14 look at me
 2010-07-13 sticks and
 2010-07-12 supposed to put in swears
 2010-07-11 knowledge is only useful
 2010-07-10 whining about the human condition
 2010-07-09 shoplift
 2010-07-08 nice weather
 2010-07-07 cave is really dark
 2010-07-06 legal drugs
 2010-07-05 a mystery
 2010-07-04 read this poem
 2010-07-03 pedometer
 2010-07-02 let me get this straight
 2010-07-01 stencils
 2010-06-30 words that are innocent
 2010-06-29 old timey keys
 2010-06-28 does it make everything better
 2010-06-27 fruit salad
 2010-06-26 fortran
 2010-06-25 fake painting
 2010-06-24 a map with a big x
 2010-06-23 qwerty would be cooler
 2010-06-22 premonition that we would have an argument
 2010-06-21 all that gravy i was saving
 2010-06-20 we're wearing life vests
 2010-06-19 shh, i love this commercial
 2010-06-18 one more lap
 2010-06-17 jigsaw puzzle
 2010-06-16 let's panhandle
 2010-06-15 kind of unpleasant
 2010-06-14 aw, crap, park place
 2010-06-13 i can't read this
 2010-06-12 about geometry
 2010-06-11 planted a newspaper
 2010-06-10 peanuts in the shell
 2010-06-09 word for a word game
 2010-06-08 go fishing
 2010-06-07 forced analogy
 2010-06-06 the difference between a nation of citizens
 2010-06-05 defense rests
 2010-06-04 oatmeal
 2010-06-03 method actor
 2010-06-02 plagiarism
 2010-06-01 ever be a cannibal
 2010-05-31 blue jeans
 2010-05-30 this english language
 2010-05-29 look, a penny
 2010-05-28 do you think it's spreading
 2010-05-27 subtext
 2010-05-26 what happened to your dog
 2010-05-25 throw that pie
 2010-05-24 felt
 2010-05-23 i got this great idea
 2010-05-22 i owe you for the slushee
 2010-05-21 blood is basically an ocean
 2010-05-20 i think it's for you
 2010-05-19 is getting
 2010-05-18 waffles
 2010-05-17 shouldn't have
 2010-05-16 pick me up
 2010-05-15 going to get a dog
 2010-05-14 life of contemplative
 2010-05-13 at its root
 2010-05-12 throw me
 2010-05-11 people often
 2010-05-10 kind of nervous
 2010-05-09 best-selling
 2010-05-08 a lot of drugs
 2010-05-07 a feeling that
 2010-05-06 interestingly enough
 2010-05-05 how come more
 2010-05-04 the same as
 2010-05-03 stress is a stress
 2010-05-02 automatically
 2010-05-01 worm food
 2010-04-30 show you
 2010-04-29 one kind of bear
 2010-04-28 arbitrary
 2010-04-27 wish i were
 2010-04-26 alligators, dude
 2010-04-25 slow moving lines
 2010-04-24 a story
 2010-04-23 plenty of people
 2010-04-22 it interesting
 2010-04-21 eventually, we're
 2010-04-20 talk about
 2010-04-19 hey, nice
 2010-04-18 your forehead
 2010-04-17 something you did do
 2010-04-16 change a man
 2010-04-15 most people
 2010-04-14 exercise
 2010-04-13 i'm covered in snails
 2010-04-12 music is music
 2010-04-11 i'll say a number
 2010-04-10 best meal
 2010-04-09 beat disease
 2010-04-08 awkward
 2010-04-07 tired of not being able
 2010-04-06 pretend we're frogs
 2010-04-05 certain frame
 2010-04-04 certain comfort
 2010-04-03 pre-judge
 2010-04-02 seamless
 2010-04-01 can you ship beer